Wild Mercury Sound

Uncut Playlist 43, 2011

John Mulvey

A sterling effort in the office as I type, since we’re having a go at listening to the Lou Reed and Metallica album in its entirety.

A lot of good things in this bundle, anyhow: the Will Oldham reissues; a new Necks album; the first fruits of Sun Araw’s Jamaican trip, Duppy Gun Productions; Eyvind Kang; the mighty Howlin Rain; and a terrific Hans Chew live EP to download for free. Oh, and my extensive end of year list should be up for scrutiny tomorrow, hopefully.

Now-obligatory self-promotion: twitter.com/#!/JohnRMulvey

1 Palace Music – Lost Blues And Other Songs (Domino)

2 Hans Chew – Live At The Earl (free from noisetrade.com/hanschew)

3 Eyvind Kang – The Narrow Garden (Kranky)

4 The Kinks – Arthur (Universal)

5 Howlin Rain – The Russian Wilds (American)

6 The Necks – Mindset (RER)

7 Palace Music – Viva Last Blues (Domino)

8 Dayone – Multiply/Early One – Earth (Duppy Gun Productions)

9 Doug Jerebine – Is Jesse Harper (Drag City)

10 Various Artists – Golden Beirut: New Sounds From Lebanon (Out Here)

11 Jason Urick – I Love You (Thrill Jockey)

12 Michael Chapman – The Resurrection And Revenge Of The Clayton Peacock (Blast First Petite)

13 Lou Reed & Metallica – Lulu (Vertigo)


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