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Total Music Day, Bon Iver and your playlists. . .

John Mulvey

Some thought-provoking responses to my No Music Day blog yesterday; scroll down to the bottom of my waffle and have a look. I particularly like Nigel's idea of Total Music Day, where we concentrate utterly on records without any distractions. Though realistically - as he acknowledges - that'd be as tough to pull off as No Music Day.

Which was, you'll be unsurprised to hear, a total failure in Uncut, where the prospect of listening to Italian electronic library music from the late '60s was much more appealing than a sort of deadly, looming silence. Today has brought a fine discovery already (thanks to Ed for the tip-off) in the shape of Bon Iver, who resembles - as Pitchfork tried not to say in their review - a kind of soulful Iron And Wine. You can listen to Bon Iver's album here. I'll try and write something more substantial about the songs in a few days.

Something else just occurred to me, too, prompted by Kris' thoughtful notes on the No Music Day blog. Kris mentions in passing that they're playing a Wu Tang Clan mixtape ("8 Diagrams" is pretty good, yeah, especially "Rushing Elephants". Again I'll get to this) and My Bloody Valentine (in response to Paul here, by the way, while I do get into most shows for free, I didn't want to take the chance on missing MBV next year. Think of it as conscientious insurance).

But what Kris made me think of was that it'd be interesting to see your playlists. What have you played today at the office? I've shown you mine, now you show me yours (but don't try hyping your own bands, folks; I can spot a spam a mile off, usually).


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