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The "Marquee Moon"/"Sailor's Life" Youtube playlist

The "Marquee Moon"/"Sailor's Life" Youtube playlist
John Mulvey

Yesterday I posted an interview here with Cian Nugent that prompted a Twitter conversation about other records which operate in the fairly narrow space between Television’s “Marquee Moon” and Fairport Convention’s “A Sailor’s Life”. This morning I’ve collated all the suggestions into a Youtube playlist, which should keep you elevated for an hour or two.

Many thanks to Tyler Wilcox (@tywilc), Tom Carter (@OmtayArtercay), Chris Forsyth (@TheChrisForsyth), Cian Nugent (@ciannugent), Richard King (@richard_king), Nathaniel Bowles (@spiralgalaxies), Badger Meinhof (@Badger5000), Zone Styx Travelcard (@zs_tc), Davis Salisbury (@DavisSalisbury), Mount Analogue (@Mount_Analogue), Zachary Lauterbach ‏(@zclauterbach) and Paradise Of Bachelors (@PofBachelors) for all their contributions. A lot of fine musicians and writers in there, and I’d strongly recommend following them all on Twitter. Any more suggestions you have for the list, please paste them in the Comments box at the bottom. I really think there should be something by The Dirty Three here, but I’m ashamed to say I can never remember any of their specific tracks. Maybe you can help?

Quick update: I'm further indebted to Matt Poacher, who's bundled a lot of this onto a Spotify playlist that you can find here: https://play.spotify.com/user/thepoacher/playlist/2H7BJ98TG2dkupkyklbYyA Amazing work.

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Editor's Letter

Some more thoughts on Kate Bush and Alice Gerrard

On Sunday, Kate Bush inadvertently staged a one-woman assault on the British charts. This week, 11 records in the Official UK Albums Chart are by Bush – not bad, really, for a woman who has only really released nine new studio albums in the past 36 years.