Wild Mercury Sound

Pissed Jeans, Interpol, Graham Bond and the Queens' Sick! Sick! Sick!

John Mulvey

So this lunchtime we tried being responsible and put on a bit of the Crowded House album in the Uncut office, but quite soon we just had to listen to the new Pissed Jeans record instead. It seemed logical, at the time.

There's a live DVD of The Jesus Lizard coming out soon, and while I can't be sure whether Pissed Jeans' frontman Matt Korvette shoves empty glasses down his pants and then stagedives - as I once saw Lizard frontman David Yow do - his band certainly have the same kind of lurching vitriol. "Caught Licking Leather" would have made a good Lizard song title, too, come to think of it.

I must admit to knowing precious little about Pissed Jeans, other than this is their second album, they're on Sub Pop, and their name makes me laugh in a sort of pitiful, frattish way. I've just been to their Myspace, which reveals they're from South Carolina and is brilliantly pathetic. No-one appears to have been there for a year, all the songs are old ("Ashamed Of My Cum"! "Closet Marine"!) and they have one friend, Tom.

I like them, anyway. The new album is called "Hope For Men" and is invigoratingly nasty. They're the sort of band I used to go and see about twice a week at the Highbury Garage in 1995, actually. Happy days. . .

Also today, I've been intrigued by this preview of the new Interpol album posted by our comrades round the corner, and made tentative investigations of "Holy Magick", an authentically satanic reissue of Graham Bond's 1970 rarity that basically seems to be a black mass scored by the James Taylor Quartet. Tomorrow, I should be writing about Queens Of The Stone Age some more, so you could do worse than have a look at this clip for "Sick Sick Sick". Mood lights make you wanna buy it, yeah?


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