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Endless Boogie: "Twenty Minute Jam Getting Out Of The City"

Endless Boogie: "Twenty Minute Jam Getting Out Of The City"
John Mulvey

Bit of a rush this morning, and the relentless bulldozing consistency of New York’s Endless Boogie means that I’ve been round the block covered by “Twenty Minute Jam Getting Out Of The City” a good few times.

If I can, then, let me aggressively recommend this new EP (which appears to be four tracks – four extracts of jams, maybe - totalling more than 20 minutes, of course) and cheat by pimping some links to my previous blogs on the band: a piece on Endless Boogie’s first album, “Focus Level” ; a piece on their second album, “Full House Head” ; and a review of a 2010 show at Club Uncut which confirmed them to be a pretty much perfect live band.

During that live show, the quartet eschewed playing neat songs in favour of a non-stop freak-out that, instead, seemed to have snatches of their tunes cutting in and out of the monolithic jam. “Twenty Minute Jam…” feels closer than their previous records to that free-flowing, improvisatory spirit, especially on the bumper-sized “Racister”, which once again operates in a kind of unholy choogle space between “Loaded”-era Velvets and Canned Heat.

There’s a thing on the other side that sounds a whole lot like the Stooges, too. I can’t find any teasers from this, but here’s the excellent “Manly Vibe” for a taster.

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