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Arbouretum, "Coming Out Of The Fog": Exclusive Album Stream

Arbouretum, "Coming Out Of The Fog": Exclusive Album Stream
John Mulvey

Not done it before, but this seems as good a place to start as any: a stream of the new album from Arbouretum, “Coming Out Of The Fog”.

I’ve written a lot about Dave Heumann’s Baltimore band in the past (I’ll stick some links to previous blogs at the bottom). This time out, there’s a relative economy to the songs; as if the glowering, heavy folk-rock that has become their trademark has been compacted rather than extended into the usual jams. Still room, though, for Heumann’s ornate solos, and the humming momentum of his rhythm section doesn’t feel in any way abbreviated.

Have a listen, anyway, and let me know what you think…

You can order “Coming Out Of The Fog” from Thrill Jockey here, or at least read plenty more about it. Oh, and Arbouretum will be on tour in Europe through February and March, starting with dates at the Prince Albert in Brighton (February 20) and London Corsica Studios (21).

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