Wild Mercury Sound

A glimpse of new Alex Turner, plus Erykah Badu

John Mulvey

I was too busy last night to watch the Brits - well, OK, I was hooked on Masterchef and Grand Designs - and this excellent blog articulates perfectly the reasons why I can't bring myself to tune in, year after year. As one of the elite thousand or so who voted, however, I was pleased to see one of my ballot-spoiling choices, The Arctic Monkeys, win a couple of things.

We should be getting a promo of Alex Turner's new project, The Last Shadow Puppets any day now. Good to see he still has a knack of coming up with ropey names; I already seem to be calling then The Sock Puppets by mistake.

In the interim, have a look at this teaser. There's a snatch of music at the end - or at least some broiling strings that, I believe, were arranged by Owen Pallett, the guy who works as Final Fantasy and is some kind of satellite member of Arcade Fire.

And while I'm stacking up the links, here's the new video from Erykah Badu. Pretty nice song, but even if you're not a fan, it's worth watching for all the fetishising of old record sleeves. "Maggot Brain"!

I'm off to see Vampire Weekend tonight, which should be interesting. I'll post something when I get to the office tomorrow morning, all being well.


Editor's Letter

The 46th (And Last) Playlist Of 2014

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Here, though, is our last office list of 2014, with lots of strong new entries. A few highlights...