Uncut Editor's Diary

'There's a lone soldier on the cross, smoke pouring out of a boxcar door. . .'

Allan Jones

I am risen, Lazarus-like, from a couple of weeks in flu-ravaged purgatory, a desperate condition accompanied by much attendant chest-rattling coughing and colourful spluttering. So apologies for my recent absence here. What passes for normal service will hopefully resume next week, with a return to the daily blogs as advertised at the top of this page.

In the meantime, I’ve been catching up on some of the great new music John’s already been writing about on his Wild Mercury Sound blog – including Arctic Monkey’s thunderous return with “Brianstorm”, an excitingly noisy taster for their new album. I see John has also been writing about the new Wilco album, which I’ve just been playing and look forward to getting to know better. John is right, by the way, about Jeff Tweedy’s perversity. He has an increasingly Dylanesque inclination to confound that is wholly admirable.

There is by the way a really excellent new album from Son Volt, led of course by Jay Farrar, Tweedy’s former Uncle Tupelo sparring partner. You can hear “The Picture”, one of the stand-out tracks from The Source on the next Uncut Playlist CD.

I’ve also been fair taken by debut albums from Lucky Soul and Alberta Cross, both of whom also appear on next month’s covermount – and there’s a welcome set of Warren Zevon reissues from Rhino that includes Excitable Boy, The Envoy and for the first time on CD, the long out-of-print live album, Stand In the Fire, which is brilliant.

Thanks, by the way, to anyone who’s taken the trouble to write – especially DDigger, for the links to the footage on YouTube of the Hard Rain NBC special that was filmed in Fort Collins, Colorado on May 23, 1976 – a concert that was also released as the Hard Rain live album.

Neither the TV special or the album, as far as I can remember, was especially well-received when they originally appeared, but I was blown away by the clips and went scurrying back to the album which I am playing as I write this.

Here are a couple of links to pretty hot performances of “Shelter From the Storm” and “Idiot Wind”.

Let me know what you think. And does anyone know what was going on with all the headgear?



Finally, here’s a link I was sent by someone who read my Babyshambles post – it’s to a site called Art For Arkady, a gallery of artwork inspired by The Libertines and Babyshambles. Take a look!



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