Uncut Editor's Diary

The 1978 Anti-Nazi League Carnival - Were You There?

Allan Jones

The Rock Against Racism manifesto at the time of the second of 1978's major anti-fascist festivals, held in September in Brockwell Park and featuring Elvis Costello and Aswad, called for: "Rebel music, street music. Music that breaks down people's fear of one another. Now music. Music that knows who the real enemy is. Rock against racism. Love music. Hate racism."

An estimated 100,000 people answered RAR's bold rallying call. If you were one of them, we are still looking for your memories of the day and there's still time for you to write to me, either here at uncut.co.uk, or allan_jones@ipcmedia.com.

Meanwhile, you might want to know that a new Rock Against Racism club night opens on February 8 at JAMM in Brixton, with appearances by The Thirst, The Others and The Mentalists. Pete Doherty is expected to guest with The Thirst and Jerry Dammers will be DJ.

This will be the first in a number of events organised as part of the build-up to the London GLA elections on May 1, which also includes appearances by Alabama 3, Misty In Roots, Tom Robinson, Tony Benn and "very special guests" at Brixton Academy on April 30 - the 30th anniversary of the RAR Victoria Park Carnival, which famously featured The Clash, TRB and Steel Pulse.

Tickets for the RAR Club Night at JAMM aare a very reasonable £8.00 in advance, a tenner on the door. For more details, go to www.brixtonjamm.org. But drop me a line first with your recollections of Brockwell and the evnts surrounding it.


Editor's Letter

Some more thoughts on Kate Bush and Alice Gerrard

On Sunday, Kate Bush inadvertently staged a one-woman assault on the British charts. This week, 11 records in the Official UK Albums Chart are by Bush – not bad, really, for a woman who has only really released nine new studio albums in the past 36 years.