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Small Faces & Faces Ultimate Music Guide - in shops now!

Small Faces & Faces Ultimate Music Guide - in shops now!
Michael Bonner

“We weren’t concerned with reputation then, and I’m not concerned with it now,” writes Ian McLagan in the introduction to our new Ultimate Music Guide. “If you’re thinking seriously about your career, you’re not having any fun, and that transfers to the audience.”

This latest edition of the Ultimate Music Guide is dedicated to the Small Faces and the Faces, both bands who mastered the art of having fun. As you’ll be able to read in an amazing collection of features from the archives of Melody Maker and NME, there was barely a moment when either the Small Faces or, later, the Faces weren’t up to their necks in some kind of colourful scrape, usually involving an over-abundance of liquid refreshment.

But aside from the capers, there was some terrific music - and alongside the archive features, the Ultimate Music Guide carries new, in-depth reviews of every album by the Small Faces, the Faces, Humble Pie and Ronnie Lane, as well as Rod Stewart’s early solo outings, plus a full discography and a comprehensive guide to the various bands' rarities.

This edition of the Ultimate Music Guide is in shops now, but you can also order it online here. It's also available through the Uncut app on the iTunes store.

To whet your appetite, here's a couple of clips. First up, the Small Faces are on brilliant form tearing through "All Or Nothing" in 1966, then Marriott, Lane and co are joined by PP Arnold for "Tin Soldiers" on French TV. And lastly, Rod, Ronnie and the rest of the Faces deliver a scorching performance of "Stay With Me" from 1971.

And don't forget - the current issue of Uncut is also in the shops, featuring a Pink Floyd cover. You can read all about it here.

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