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Mick Jones, Carbon/Silicon and The Gangs Of England

Allan Jones

Former Clash legend Mick Jones and his old punk buddy Tony James of Generation X and Sigue Sigue Sputnik recently played a secret gig - a so-called 'public rehearsal' - at Mick's studio on an industrial estate in Acton.

I wrote about it at the time, getting very excited about what I heard. The band's new EP, The News, is due soon, if it's not in the shops already, and it's great. Mick has also posted some brilliant footage of the Bunker Show, as it's been apparently christened. You can the clips by going to:

I've also just been sent the rough mixes of 14 songs
recorded but not yet destined for the debut C/S album, due later this year.

Producer Bill price is apparently still mixing these tracks so I don't know how many will make it onto the final version fo the album. What I'm listening to sounds really good, though, so I hope everything on the CD will also appear ont he album.

Particular stand-outs at the moment include the storming "Gangs Of England" - a caustic take on the state of the music scene - and a scorching "What The Fuck?".

"The War On Culture", meanwhile,finds Mick partially reflecting on the tabloid frenzy that followed pictures in the Daily Mirror of Kate Moss snorting coke at a Babyshambles recording session that he was producing, and there's a full length version of "The News" as well.

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be writing about these tracks, but hell it's Friday afternoon and they sound mostly fantastic so why not!

The band play Bush Hall next Thursday and I hope to be going to that. if I do, I'll be letting you knwo what it was like.

See you after the Bank Holiday.


Editor's Letter

The Fourth Uncut Playlist Of 2015

This week's big distraction has been what appears to be a crazy number of early Aphex Twin tracks accumulating on Soundcloud (I've added the link below). Among the new stuff, though, please try Bop English; the new solo project of James Petralli from White Denim.