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Wes Anderson: A Life Galactic

Wes Anderson: A Life Galactic
Michael Bonner

I've given up pretending I'm not interested in watching a new Stars Wars movie.

I don't really want to get bogged down in hypotheses about plots or returning characters from the old movies, nor am I particularly interested in ranting about Hollywood's on-going obsession with franchises. It struck me it was pretty inevitable that at some point someone - George Lucas or, as it transpired, Disney - would resurrect Star Wars. After all, the six movies so far are the most financially successful movies of all time, with $4.5 billion in ticket sales worldwide and an additional $20 billion in merchandise sales.

The good news, of course, is that Oscar-winner Michael Arndt - Little Miss Sunshine, Toy Story 3 - is writing Episode VII, which at least suggests the script will be superior to Lucas' own hammy efforts. But who to direct it..? While we wait for an official announcement, there's this brilliant spoof from American chat show, Conan, purporting to be some 'test footage' for Episode VII shot by none other than Wes Anderson. So, here's A Life Galactic for you...


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