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Trailer -- Where The Wild Things Are

Michael Bonner

Still somewhat giddy with yesterday's technological breakthroughs in terms of embedding videos and joining the Twittering masses (you'd think we were devising groundbreaking new techniques for nanosurgery here, rather than blogging), I thought I'd take the opportunity to post the trailer for one of the most anticipated movies in our world.

It seems ages since I heard that Spike Jonze had signed on to film Maurice Sendack's children's book, Where The Wild Things Are, about a young boy called Max who creates an imaginary forest populated by giant monsters and becomes their king. Jonze always seemed like a good choice -- as we know from Being John Malkovich and his video credits, he's more than capable of bringing to life more outré ideas with wit and intelligence. Other bits of news, too, have continued to pique my interest about the project -- Jonze was co-screenwriting with novelist David Eggars, for instance, and that the voice cast list for Max's monsters included James Gandolfini, Chris Cooper and Paul Dano.

There was a sense of a ball dropping somewhere when, earlier last year, stories started circulating that the film's distributors, Warners, were unhappy with Jonze's first cut and pulled it from it's intended July 2008 release, with Jonze scheduled to reshoot some scenes.

Then, in January, Jonze's The Girl Skate Company released shots of their new skateboard series that featured the monsters from the film. A typically unusual way for Jonze to promo his film, I think you'll agree.

Anyway, finally the trailer's gone live, ahead of its October release. At first glance, I rather like it. Jonze has some lovely naturalistic lighting (a very Malick touch) that gives the scenes with the monsters a slightly dreamy quality. It looks like there's a few liberties been taken with the story, too, as I certainly don't remember too many scenes with Max's parents. It's also been confirmed by John, who's had reason to read the book more recently than I, that there's positively no scenes in Max's school. Ahem. Still, we're like the use of Arcade Fire on the soundtrack.

Is Sendack's book a great favourite of yours? Are you looking forward to the film? What do you reckon to the trailer? Let me know what you think.




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