US veterans wow fans on Benicassim main stage

Dinosaur Jr are one of the veterans playing this year's festival - we are still looking forward to seeing Animal Collective and Calexico this weekend.
J Mascis comes on to greet the main stage with long (natural) platinum blond locks, and plugs in his guitar...

Like many ‘older’ bands, Dinosaur's musicianship is in a different league to many of the young upstarts currently hogging ‘the scene’. It felt, as he played, that all good artists today have been influenced by the sounds inside J's head.

They play a stage completely stacked with Marshall amps and the sound is amazing - it's a wonder they have any hearing left after playing so long.

The set list was:
'Almost Ready'
'Been There'
'This Is All I Care To Do'
'Feel Pain'

Fast walking to The Klaxons payed off, squeezing into the side of the far too small tent, the anticipation in the air was pretty exhilerating, despite the heat. Starting with “Your Name’s Not Down, You’re Not Coming In”. And indeed, if you’re not alraedy in, you'd have no chance, as the crowd spilling out into the fields around the tent are still straining to see in.

Squashed against the tarpaulin of the tent,we still made enough space to have a little dance to the band's muggy sounding riffs. The hits like 'Golden Skans' and 'Gravity's Rainbow' drive the crowd mental. And as a bonus people handing out time multicoloured glow rave bracelets as presents, added to the mental club feel.

With the crowd this over-excited, they could have played 'Ace Of Spades', and got away with it.

On my way back through hospitality, which is, in true Spanish style, VERY hospitable, we happen across Human League frontman, Phil Oakey.

He kindly fronts us a drink, whilst telling me they’ve flown in a whole day early, not fussed about enjoying the delights of the festival, but purely to see Devo live!

And then… Devo take the stage. And from the first moment, the crowd are with them; drawn into their world. Middle-age spread doesn’t even register.

Three songs in and ‘Secret Agent Man’ gets even the new converts dancing. ‘Satisfaction’ follows with the weirdly sedate vibe. Then the boilder suits are ripped from band members arms during ‘Uncontrolable Edge’, ending with the characteristic group dance.

The older fans get far too excited as ‘Mogoloid’ follows, with much robot dancing in the audience, and confused looks from those unaware of the background.

In the final section, it’s down to boxers, Devo t-shirts and shin pads, as it all goes a bit psychadelic.

The experienced genre-defining musicians onstage rivalling modern electro outfits with their cutting-edge blips and bleeps.

From this point on, genius status clearly established and accepted, they could take us anywhere…

We are D-E-0V-O!

Additional reporting: Genia Davy


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