Super Sunny Furry Animals, Glasto Warms Up

Super Furry Animals's just finished a brilliant set, and the sun looks like it's back for a while, woo hoo.

"Juxtapose With You" was simply amazing - lots of silly dancing and flag waving from the audience. I even spot a sun-caught Howard Marks singing along to the poptastic moment in the sun.

Gruff Rhys, who's incidentaly also playing a solo set at Glastonbury this weekend- dedicated the next song "Recepticle For Disrespectable" to "the disappearing breakfast stall that was over there (pointing across the crowd to the back) - it's turned into a kebab shop!"

Whilst Rhys changed over guitars during the song's psychedelic guitar solo, he managed to scoff an entire packet of what looked like Walkers ready salted crisps into his mouth, scattering crumbles everywhere.

They then played a turned up "God Show Me Magic" prompting the first moshing sing-along I've witnessed all day - SFA -a truly great festival band, now festival veterans having played many many Galstonbury's in their eight album and counting career.

They finish with the wicked "Man Don't Give A Fuck" - class.

Hold Steady are on very shortly across at the John Peel Stage - I'm gonna wade off in that direction

Catch you in a bit


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