Sun goes down on Rufus Wainwright at Glasto

Just watched a magnificent sunset go down over Glastonbury, the skies have finally cleared enough to see the burning orange.

Rufus Wainwright put in a magnificent set, with a little help from sister Martha at the end for 'Hallelujah.'

Backed by a six-piece band, Wainwright was exquisite, and dressed in a very dapper stripy suit to boot, spending half of his set at the piano, with lushcious arrangements. He played several tracks from new album 'Release The Stars' - always a little risky at festivals - but he pulled it off. Newer tracks like 'America' sounded amazingly simple and emotive in this festival setting.

For the encore, Rufus came back on stage in his smoking jacket come dressing gown and opened it to reveal a pair of stockings, his lips smeared in red lipstick.

Always a drama queen - but hey, if anyone knows how to play a theatrical show, he does.

The added bonus of sister Martha, who'd dashed from her own performance over at the new Park stage to join him, was brilliant.

Tonight's headliners on various stages are Arctic Monkeys, Bjork, Waterboys and Jason Pierce's Spiritualised - I'm thinking Bjork may we I end up - I've never seen her play in seven albums, and I think it's about time...

Arctics though, this is their moment, ala Pulp in '95 and Radiohead in '97.

Will keep you posted, wherever I end up, it'll be immense.

P.s. Check out the wellies!


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