Rilo Kiley and Guillemots: a mid-afternoon treat

Their audience may have been tiny (to be brutally honest, the smallest we've seen in the JJB/Puma Arena this weekend), but every single one of them was hopelessly devoted to Rilo Kiley. Except the guys who were just hopelessly devoted to singer Jenny Lewis and her heart-stopping wardrobe, that is.

The energy from the audience was palpable, even when Lewis and the band ran through new songs from their very-shortly-forthcoming album 'Under The Blacklight'. Dressed up in his usual formal tie and waistcoat, Blake Sennett looked every bit the dapper US indie gentleman, while Lewis, squeezed into a sparkly hotpant combo, was a quintessential frontwoman minx. All the better for their breathily sexual songs, however, like 'More Adventurous''s 'Portions For Foxes' and 'Breakin' Up' from their latest record.

As usual, Lewis' voice was pure loveliness, especially on closer 'Does He Love You?'. A great band, unfairly overlooked amid V's more 'casual listener' audience.

Crossing over to Guillemots on the Channel 4 Stage, we managed to catch the end of their set, including 'Annie Let's Not Wait' and a mammoth 10-minute version of 'Sao Paulo', which ended with thirteen people on stage banging drums and tambourines. We assume they were another band, but next time pick a more recognisable one for your stage invasion next time Mr Dangerfield, ok?!

We're now getting slightly over excited about Iggy & The Stooges in the JJB/Puma Arena later on...

Words: Tom Pinnock


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