Muse are due onstage in five minutes and the big bubbles are taking over backstage

I've just been to see Kings Of Leon who were good, but not amazing, but I'll blog that later. Muse are headlining in less than 25 minutes and things are getting surreal...I must type quicker, dammit!

Muse were the subject of the final Benicassim press conference in the media tent, and Matt Bellamy and Dominic Howard hosted a 15 minute Q&A session.

News In Brief:

1. They're hoping to get a new abum recorded by the end of next year, possibly early 2009. They're taking a break from the massive shows they've been playing lately so they can get some rehearsal time in.

2. They're also possibly going to be releasing a a DVD, from footage filmed at their recent mammoth double-whammy Wembley Stadium Shows.

3. Matt also said in answer to a question about how their music is evolving, that although they are assimilating more electronic music into their sound - it will only ever be a part of the sound, not the whole.

Once the Spanish translator finished trying to say 'Teinmouth.' I just popped to the loo briefly and just been hit with the sudden sight of lots of giant see-through bubbles are being blown up and caged in netting to stop them floating around like something out of The Prisoner.

I just know the stage show is going to be a spectacular blow-out ending to the festival.

Apparently an unprecedented number of photographers are going into the pit. 100 snappers are being split into two groups of 50 (!) and they get to do two songs each... that's crazy! That's worth a pic in itself.

Must log off to go get a prime spot, getting quite crowded out there...


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