Human League, and the mass herding towards the Arctic Monkeys

Very quick blog, must head out to the Arctic Monkeys, who have just gone on the mainstage, incredibly loudly. Having just come over from seeing The Human League, what a difference! Whilst the League were playing 'Human', the tent just literally started emptying - a quick check of the clock, the Arctic effect has just taken place once again. The whole of Benicassim, literally, is herding towards the mainstage towards Alex Turner and the boys who are tonight's headliners. The site is deserted from the far end down. This is going to be immense. Eep.

The Human League brought a sense of ballgowned and suited glamour to the festival for their set at the Escenario Fiberfib tent. Playing their greatest hits and a smattering of new songs, the electronic music pioneers didnt disappoint.

Phil Oakey, in black tie really brought back the sound of the '80s - very Guilty Pleasures, encore une fois!

'Mirrorman' followed by 'Love Action', 'The Lebanon' and 'Human' was a real blast from the past. The glitter faced fans happily dancing 'til the Arctic effect.

On the way out of the tent, a man is laid out spaced on the grass wearing a neon pink 'Made in the 80s'- t-shirt - perfecto!

Following the crowds down to the main stage - the Arctics gig looks like it's gonna be the most mental show of the festival yet. And we still have Muse tomorrow!

Pic: Tom Oxley


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