Biffy Clyro, CSS and Klaxons defy Glastonbury rain

Apologies for late posting, but got carried away round at the Other Stage, there was a nice run of back-to-back bands that it would have been churlish to try and wade back to the press area.

Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro were as good as I'd hoped they'd be.

The trio's debut Glastonbury show was a quick stop off in their newly glamourous itinerary -they just opened for the Rolling Stones in Barcelona, and tonight they play with Muse in Paris.

But while they were here, they certainly kicked a bit of rock in to the day despite the rain that was still falling as they took to the stage. Front man and singer Simon Neil made a joke by saying: "Fair play to you guys for having a good time in the fucking rain. When everyone dies God is gonna give you a handjob."

Biffy played several tracks from their latest number two charting album 'Puzzle', including 'Whose Got A Match', 'Love Has A Diameter' and a great version of 'Living Is A Problem Because Everybody Dies' gets the front of the crowd up-n-moshing.

After a quick nip to the loo (well, I say quick, but now that everyone's on site for the weekend, quick now equals 30mins), and a wander over to the Glade area at the top of the Other Stage, Lovefoxxx brings on CSS, her multi-couloured Brazilian beast of a band that are definately worth getting wet for.

The red, green, yellow and blue helium balloons that filled the stage and th colourful outfit that Lovefoxxx was adorned in, certainly made everything seem sunny, regardless of what the clouds were doing.

Stage diving twice during the band's set, she even lost her yellow headband in the throng of the finale of 'Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above.'

CSS played through all of their 2006 self-title album's highlights including 'Alala', 'Meeting Paris Hilton' and 'Alcohol.'

Lovefoxxx is sexy and she rocks. And about 10,000 folk in a field look like they agree.

Following on from the confident colours of CSS, Klaxons came on to play their second show of Glastonbury weekend. They played the Dance Tent late last night, and to be honest were looking a little tired and worse for wear backstage before their performance today.

However, the boys did good, bassist Jamie Reynolds coming on to announce "If you're not at the Other Stage at this time of day, you're not coming in!" before they launched into first EP track 'The Bouncer.'

Midway through their show, after playing their mammoth can't-go-anywhere-for-hearing-it-hit 'Golden Skans' James frontman Klaxon announces that playing Glastonbury is very special for them. Having met in a tent "somewhere over there (- Jamie points across to the back of the field -) three years ago."

They end their mini-daytime-guitar rave with latest single and original Paul Oakenfold house track 'It's Not Over Yet.' Which causes a mini stampede down the front, what with all the colourful brollies in the way.

On the way back I noticed a funny sight - a festival stall that's completely run out of wellies due to demand from people's muddy feet - methinks though someone over ordered this batch of lonely looking pink flip flops - they'll never shift these!

Paul Weller is about to go on at the Pyramid Stage, and I'm getting hungry too.

Still got plenty of gems in the itinerary for tonight, I'll check in with you soon as I can.

Yours swilling in mud


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