Melody's Echo Chamber at Glastonbury 2013 – review

Melody's Echo Chamber at Glastonbury 2013 – review

Stunning weather today (Saturday) at Glastonbury - though due to the lack of shade there are now thousands of people walking round with horrific sunburn, dazed from a combination of heat and cheap cider.

We can't really complain, though, especially when a short walk from our tent takes us to the Park Stage, where Melody's Echo Chamber are providing a woozy, kaleidoscopic pop sound to match the crowd's woozy, sunblinded mood.

It's a vision in sound: the phased guitars and sugary keys, along with Melody Prochet's cooing vocals and the literally windswept mix, drift up the hillside at the edge of Worthy Farm to the thousands of festivalgoers sunbathing along the edge of the metal fence - we'd guess that only at Glastonbury could you experience such a sublime moment.

"Some Time Alone, Alone" is particularly blown around by the wind, but actually ebbs and throbs beautifully as if Kevin Shields had a hand in it. Might we suggest that every festival begins sunny days with shoegazey psych-pop?

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