Billy Bragg protests about banking bonuses at RBS headquarters

Billy Bragg protests about banking bonuses at RBS headquarters

Billy Bragg took his protest against banking bonuses to the home of the Royal Bank Of Scotland in Edinburgh on Saturday (February 13).

The singer is refusing to complete his tax return until Chancellor Alistair Darling imposes a £25,000 bonuses cap for chiefs at the bank.

A Facebook group launched by Bragg NoBonus4RBS has so far attracted over 30,000 members.

Speaking at RBS' former headquarters in St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh, the singer said he wants the government to take appropriate action, reports BBC News.

"I'm doing it to draw attention to the fact the bankers seem to think it's business as usual now. They're starting already to talk about paying the kind of excessive bonuses that got us into all this trouble in the first place, whilst the rest of us are being softened up for public service cuts."

Bragg added: "Considering that this hole in the public purse has been caused by the bailout for the banks, the bankers should be leading the way in making economies."

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