Band Of Horses Debut New Material At Glastonbury

Band Of Horses Debut New Material At Glastonbury

Band Of Horses debuted a new song at Glastonbury last night (June 28).

The band, performing on the John Peel Stage in the early evening, performed "Read My Mind For Free" alongside tracks from their two albums, "Cease To Begin" and "Everything All The Time".

Obviously pleased with the reaction from the audience - who even applauded the band's soundcheck - frontman Ben Bridwell said: "This fucking rules! Woo!"

Band Of Horses played:

"Is There A Ghost"
"The Great Salt Lake"
"No One's Gonna Love You"
"Cigarettes And Wedding Bans"
"Ode To The LRC"
"Wicked Gil"
"Read My Mind For Free"
"The Funeral"
"Detlef Schempf"
"Weed Party"
"The General Specific"

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