The B-52s work with New Order producer

The B-52s work with New Order producer

The B-52's, the prototype Scissor Sisters with the colourful outfits and rhythmic pop music, are working with New Order's producer Steve Osbourne on their first new album since 1992.

The band have described the new material as "Rock'n'Roll-Glam-Electro-Soul".

The last B-52's album was 1992's 'Good Stuff' but they haven't recorded with founding member Cindy Wilson since 1989's 'Cosmic Thing'.

"We took a short break which ended up lasting several years with each of us going our individual ways musically..." said guitarist Keith Strickland on "I considered doing a solo album, but in a moment of clarity I decided that I would rather put my energy into a new B-52's album."

Strickland explained why they have chosen Osbourne to man the studio controls on this, their comeback project, which they actually began three years ago.

"(He) produced the New Order album 'Get Ready' which I love," said Stickland. "When we were discussing producers for the album, I suggested Steve."

There is a theme to The B-52's' forthcoming rock'n'roll-glam-electro-soul offering, although Strickland is reluctant to give too much away.

"About halfway through these sessions we noticed a theme developing," he said. "However, I don't want to spoil the experience. You've got to hear it to believe it."

A release date for the untitled album has yet to be announced.


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