Rail Strike Threatens T In The Park Festival Goers

Rail Strike Threatens T In The Park Festival Goers

The Scottish rail and transport union are planning to take strike action on July 6 - the first day of mammoth music festival T In The Park, possibly causing transport chaos for tens of thousands of fans attending.

The dispute over bonus payments by around 400 Network Rail signallers in Scotland has been criticised as "appalling" by Network Rail, reports the BBC.

Previous strike action in March by the same union members saw no trains run further north than Stirling.

If the strike goes ahead, fans attempting to get to the festival site in Balado, near Perth and Kinross will have to make alternative arrangements, in turn causing road traffic chaos.

In a statement, Network Rail chief executive John Armitt has said: "On behalf of all rail users, we are angered and extremely disappointed by the RMT's plans for an unnecessary strike. Time and again, this union adopts an outdated and divisive approach to managing employee relations which will, once again, serve to punish and inconvenience passengers and rail users."

T In The Park takes place next weekend, July 6-8 and will see performances from Arctic Monkeys, The Killers and Brian Wilson amongst hundreds of others.


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