10cc to release 40th Anniversary box set

10cc to release 40th Anniversary box set

10cc are to release a five-disc box set, Tenology, on November 19 to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Tenology has been compiled with the involvement of the original members – Lol Creme, Kevin Godley, Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart –and features four CDs (the singles, selected album tracks, the B-sides and rarities) and a DVD (featuring a selection of their promo videos and TV performances on Top Of The Pops, BBC In Concert, See You Sunday and Six Fifty Five Special).

The full track listing is:

Disc One
Donna (1972)
Johnny Don't Do It (1972)
Rubber Bullets (1973)
The Dean and I (1973)
Sand in My Face (1973)
Somewhere In Hollywood (1973)
The Worst Band in the World (1974)
Headline Hustler (1974)
The Wall Street Shuffle (1974)
Silly Love (1974)
Life Is a Minestrone (1975)
I'm Not in Love (1975)
Art for Art's Sake (1975)
I'm Mandy, Fly Me (1976)
Lazy Ways (1976)
The Things We Do For Love (1976)
Good Morning Judge (1977)
People in Love (1977)

Disc Two
Dreadlock Holiday (1978)
Reds in My Bed (1978)
For You And I (1978)
One Two Five (1980)
From Rochdale to Ocho Rios (1978)
It Doesn't Matter At All (1980)
Les Nouveaux Riches (1981)
Don't Turn Me Away (1981)
The Power of Love (1981)
Run Away (1981)
24 Hours (1983)
Feel the Love (1983)
Woman in Love (1992)
Welcome To Paradise (1992)

Disc Three
The Hospital Song (1973)
Fresh Air for My Momma (1973)
Clockwork Creep (1974)
Oh Effendi (1974)
The Sacro-illiac (1974)
Hotel (1974)
Old Wild Men (1974)
Une Nuit A Paris (1975)
Blackmail (1975)
Flying Junk (1975)
The Second Sitting for the Last Supper (1975)
Iceberg (1976)
I Wanna Rule the World (1976)
Rock and Roll Lullaby (1976)
Don't Hang Up (1976)
Feel the Benefit (1977)
I Bought A Flat Guitar Tutor (1977)
Take These Chains (1978)

Disc Four - B-sides
Bee in My Bonnet (1972)
Hot Sun Rock (1972)
4% Of Something (1972)
Waterfall (1973)
18 Carat Man Of Means (1974)
Gismo My Way (1974)
Channel Swimmer (1975)
Good News (1975)
Get It While You Can (1976)
Hot To Trot (1977)
Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste (1977)
I'm So Laid Back, I'm Laid out (1977)
Nothing Can Move Me (1978)
People in Love (The Voodoo Boogie) (1976)
The Recording of the Dean And I (1973)

Disc Five – DVD
Rubber Bullets - Top Of The Pops - 25/12/1973
Life Is a Minestrone - Top Of The Pops - 10/04/1975
I'm Not in Love - Top Of The Pops - 25/12/1975
Dreadlock Holiday - Top Of The Pops - 17/08/1978
Silly Love - BBC In Concert - 21/08/1974
The Wall Street Shuffle - BBC In Concert - 21/08/1974
Baron Samendi - BBC In Concert - 21/08/1974
Old Wild Men - BBC In Concert - 21/08/1974
Oh Effendi - BBC In Concert - 21/08/1974
Fresh Air for My Momma - BBC In Concert - 21/08/1974
Rubber Bullets - BBC In Concert - 21/08/1974
Fresh Air for Momma - See You Sunday - 21/04/1974
The Wall Street Shuffle - See You Sunday - 21/04/1974
Dreadlock Holiday - Six Fifty Five Special - 27/07/1982
Run Away - Six Fifty Five Special - 27/07/1982

Promo Videos
I'm Not in Love
Art for Art’s Sake
I'm Mandy Fly Me
Good Morning Judge
People in Love
Dreadlock Holiday
One Two Five
Feel the Love
Woman in Love


Editor's Letter

The Fourth Uncut Playlist Of 2015

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